A picture paints a thousand words, a video paints the picture…

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The internet as we know it was built on words. The origins of the web were based around words and text which progressed into picture content. Todays virtual world is based around video content. From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between, video is the platform to deliver a message.

This Cadburys ad has almost 10 million views on Youtube and is an example of a simple but jarring concept to captivate the viewer and imprint the brand in the memory banks:

The thing about words is that they are available to anyone. They can be extremely powerful when used well, they are easy to  mavi serum edit and very cheap; like a smile they don’t cost a dime. But the reality is that today’s internet experience is built on the moving image. Video content is of course far more difficult to create but when it is done well it can have a far greater impact and lasting impression. Because video costs more, takes more skilled personnel to create and requires a lot of time in both pre and post production, we tend to avoid it or worse still cut corners and get cheap content made to promote our business message. Video content should be seen as an investment, not an expense.

It is also interesting to remember with words and video that unlike Mark Twain’s East and West, the twain shall meet. We recently produced a commercial piece fusing a Shakespeare monologue from Macbeth with a beautiful timepiece to create this advert directed by Elijah Egan: